Help Make Your FLGS a BASH!

Help Make Your FLGS a BASH!

Hi! I’m Bill French, the Sales Manager over here at Broken Anvil Miniatures. Nice to meet ya. Have you had enough water today? Is this conceit getting tedious, or is it endearing? That’s for an editor to decide. On to the blog! 

Like I said, I’m the Sales Manager, and this means that it’s my job to work with our supply chain, including retailers and distributors, to make sure that Rivenstone is the best retail product that it can be. I spend most of my day-to-day time talking with retailers and crafting systems that allow us to help them and grow our community from the grassroots. With that in mind, I’m happy to announce the first program we’re implementing to make sure retailers are included from our very first steps into the lands of Venn. Welcome to the BASH!

Okay, you’ve intrigued me... What is the BASH?

In the weeks that come you will have the opportunity to nominate your local retail store to be part of a network we’re calling the Broken Anvil Shipping Hubs! Stores that choose to participate will be listed as a shipping option for our Kickstarter backers. For each backer that opts to ship to their store the retailer will receive a credit towards purchasing Rivenstone product. Backers will receive a small gift included in their pledge as a special thank you for participating. Our hope is that this program will help us build a strong foundation as the relationship evolves between our company, our retailers, and our community.  

Alright, that all sounds great. What do I do now?

Please fill out the form found hereIt will allow us to reach out to the retailer, confirm their participation and get the ball rolling on our relationship with them. It also gives us an opportunity to connect the two of you and make sure they have someone in their area interested in playing Rivenstone in the wild, as it was intended. 

And then… we wait. Once the campaign closes, we’ll leave the nomination process open for a few weeks as we get closer to the backer surveys going out. We’ll make a last call at some point so we can finalize the list of participating stores. 

I hope you all join us, and bring your favorite game store along for the ride. It’s going to be a BASH.