CRAFT: How We Made the Rivenstone Sign

CRAFT: How We Made the Rivenstone Sign

Special edition blog post written by Syd Bee

In preparation for the launch of our Rivenstone game on Kickstarter back in April, the BAM fabrication team wanted to build something special that could be showcased in photos, videos, and livestreams. Enter: the Rivenstone sign.


Our technical director, Hanna, got it started by pulling out shapes from 2D logo artwork to create vector files that we could then laser cut out of thin wood. 



These wood shapes sandwiched 1.5” pink foam and became the guides we used to hot-wire the unique angles of the letters.


Our terrain builder, Archer, and I then removed the wood pieces and coated all the letters in Free Form AIR Epoxy, sanded them, applied more epoxy, and sanded again, to achieve a stone-like texture. We also carved into the letters to match the cracks in the logo. Much of the sign build took place while our crew was also busy packing and moving to a new HQ, so we unfortunately didn’t grab pictures of all parts of the process.

Randy, our newest addition to the production team, stepped in to help cut the “backboard” of the logo (also out of thick pink foam). The backboard itself is approximately 63 inches long. Another thinner layer of pink foam was cut to be the upper edge of the backboard, and after the layers were secured together with glue and wood dowels, the entire backboard was coated in more Free Form AIR epoxy and sanded the same way the letters had been.


To cut out the backboard shape, we printed out the enlarged logo from a local print shop and used it as a template — approximately 63 inches long!



To match the logo, we needed one more layer for the gilded edge. I used Magic Sculpt Epoxy Clay to form the strips capping along the perimeter, which I then sanded with great care to end up with a very smooth surface. Any blemish would get picked up by the gold liquid leaf that we would use later on. 


With all the pieces built and fitting together, it was time to move on to the next phase…

Time To Paint


Launch day was right around the corner, so several BAM members jumped in to assist with paint. We took some creative liberties with colors, opting to paint the sign in such a way that it appeared lit from below even when it wasn’t. We used craft-grade matte acrylic paint and a variety of brushes, sponges, and rollers to cover as much area (and quickly!) as possible.  


Holes had been pre-drilled into the backboard by Randy, so that clear acrylic rods he measured earlier to connect the letters to the backboard would fit snugly later on.

With one day left, Archer, Steven, Chris and I finished the paint. The gold gilding took longer than we had expected, as it required clean lines and even coats. We used Liquid Leaf by Plaid


With all the painting complete, and around midnight before launch, I applied glue to the acrylic rods and carefully connected the letters to the backboard. The fit was so snug, at times I needed to use a mallet to gently hammer the letters into place (which was a terrifying thing to do).



We suffered no casualties, however, and the sign was complete! We hung it on the wall in time for our livestream the next morning to announce that the Kickstarter had officially launched!



There’s always something creative and fun in the works here at BAM, and we’ll be featuring more craft & build projects like this in the future. Thanks for following along!

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