PAINT: Hippokin Squad Tramples Off the Paint Desk!

PAINT: Hippokin Squad Tramples Off the Paint Desk!

Special edition blog post written by Jordan Lamb

Hi! Jordan here from the Painting Studio! I wanted to share with you some upcoming models I painted for BAM's July Patreon release: Corsairs of the Ember Void. 

I had a lot of fun coming up with the cohesive color scheme for this little band of Hippokin. I spent some time researching various different skin tones for hippopotamuses and found that they have an interesting pinkish-tan color that shows up on the sides of the mouth and most of the underbelly. I did a couple of tests to find a nice pinkish-gray color to use for the skin on all of the Hippokin.

Due to the darker, more desaturated color of hippo skin tone, I wanted to go with a much brighter and more colorful color scheme for the armor. Picking a set of colors that were bright and would contrast well with each other led me to choosing red, blue, and gold.

Having a plan for the color palette for the armor and skin tone allowed me to paint all of these models at once. Being able to batch paint the models allowed me to save a lot of time on the bulk of the paint jobs and spend more time focusing on all the smaller details such as the drums on the Bard, the shoulder tassels on the Rogue, and the sword of the Paladin. 

The poses and sculpts in this set are very dynamic and unique which gave me a lot of opportunities to make all of these characters feel very unique while keeping the cohesive scheme. I particularly enjoyed the Paladin model. It has tons of little bits of detail to paint and a really great pose.  

I look forward to painting more of this upcoming July Patreon release. I hope you enjoy painting these models as much as I have. I can't wait to see your take on these models and other modes from this release!

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