Broken Anvil Reader - We Don't Talk About Paint Fight Club

Broken Anvil Reader - We Don't Talk About Paint Fight Club

Welcome, all, to another exciting Broken Anvil Reader. This week we have the results of our latest Patreon/Tribe contest: Paint Fight 2. We also have an art teaser of some models from our October Patreon/Tribe release and some new community events for you to participate in. So I wont ramble on too much and just let you get to the meat of it!

Without Further Ado: Paint Fight 2! 

Before I share the results, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I just absolutely loved all the work you put in as a community for this contest. There were some amazing entries for sure, and it takes a lot of courage to share with others what you’ve been working on. 

1st Place - Joren Mathews with Dorothy “The Dagger” Garland

2nd Place - Peter Soderlund with The Vicious Witch of the Eastlands

3rd Place - Nikko Manga with Sir Lahr the Cowardly

Congratulations to you all! Please message us on Tribes or Patreon to claim your prizes! Look forward to seeing more painting contests in the near future! 

Rivenstone Wild Terrain Design-a-thon

Today, the BAM team will release the details of the Design-a-thon unlocked by our late pledge stretch goals! The Design-a-thon will consist of several parts where you, the community, get to have a direct say on what we produce. Round 1 starts with choosing a theme amongst several predetermined visual prompts. I can’t wait to see what the end results turn out to be! 

While we haven’t had any official content for Rivenstone in awhile (and probably won't until much closer to release), there are several folks in the community Discord (myself included) who have been writing some unofficial stories. So, if you have any Rivenstone-based stories, art, terrain, or whatever you’d like to share with the community, by all means come give us a visit!

Click here to view the Rivenstone Kickstarter Update Page to see the Design-a-thon details when it goes live today!

All-Aboard Collaboration Station: The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Here at BAM, fostering community growth is important to us. We are grateful to be part of a larger community of content creators and want to see that community, as a whole, excel and grow. One of the ways we do this is by collaborating with other creators, and you can expect more of this in the coming months as we share in celebrating the work of others. This month, we plan to collaborate with The Dragon Trappers Lodge, so look for more on that in the coming week! If you are a content creator and would like to collaborate with us in the future please feel free to email us at

A Pint of Patreon

We all know how I’m a big fan of giving you early spoilers of upcoming content, and today is no exception. If you were a Hobbit, your sword would probably be glowing blue right now with anticipation, as next month is none other than BAM’s own take on Orctober! I hope you enjoy these sketches as much as I do of the upcoming release. Look for a fully-rendered preview closer to the end of the month. 

Last Call

Product Updates: The last of the Dungeon Delvers shipments is scheduled to head out the fulfillment center doors this week! Also, Prowl, an original card game by BAM, is nearing completion and should hit the market in the coming months. If you would like to know more about it, our Lead Game Designer, Will Hungerford, gave a great synopsis of the game in this recent blog post. We have some amazing things that are also in the works, and with Dungeon Delvers wrapping up, I hope to tell you about them soon! 

Recently, we’ve given an early announcement on our upcoming paint line in the works. While I can’t say anything about how or when it will be released, I can say that it will be made with high quality pigments, doesn’t break apart when thinning, will have an ultra-matte finish, and is being designed with artists and high-quality work in mind. 

Lastly, I’ve received word that livestreaming is coming back. We are reworking one of our rooms here at HQ to become our new recording studio. What this means is more up-close and personal content from us here at BAM including tutorials, regularly scheduled streaming, and more! The fine details of future content are being hashed out at the moment, but we plan to bring you fine quality media several times a week! 

That’s a wrap for tonight, folks! Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week in the BAR!